“I handle all of my businesses while operating my social media channels! What a job?” Christension Esther Griffin


When Dr. Brown gave us the assignment  to interview a social media manager, I had high hopes to interview a big team social media manager in the entertainment industry. After several tries of contact I had to result to interviewing someone local who has a huge resume. Christension Esther Griffin is 43 years old and she is a genius when it comes to operating her business. Al though most businesses have their own publicist to operate their twitter and facebook handles, some small businesses the owner handles them. In this particular case Christension Esther Griffin handles her wordpress, twitter, facebook, Instagram and so forth. I asked her, why do you handle all of your accounts? , why not hire someone? She answered, I like to be the voice for my brand and business. At this point I am willing to train because sometimes the workload is very extensive and can get overwhelming. Christension also mentioned when nurturing your brand from the ground up, you have to set the bar where you like it to be. Once you are comfortable where it stands, then you can place the responsibility on someone who you can trust, I believe any beginning brand/ business owner have to have a safety team. I have not fully built a safety team yet to control my social media’s so I continue to run them myself.

Christension Esther Griffin was by far a perfect fit for me because she is an author, owns the Consciousness Center on Washington Ave, and promotes her own branding. She was a power house and her resume was astonishing. When actually reflecting on our interview, I gathered the thoughts she is a woman who likes to do it all by herself. One may not say just because she runs her own social media’s, doesn’t make her specialist in this field. Well I believe that is not correct, if anyone is productive with clientele and has an increase of audience by using the correct tools on social media they are considered a specialist. Something worked for them to gain more revenue, attention, publicity, and following to their brand/business.

I asked her several different questions to get more of an insight of how she handles public relations work while focusing to build her brand. Christension Esther Griffin said, “In the real world especially in Public Relations industry you have to be able to multitask, if you do not know how to do so you are already left behind.” My next question how important is writing in public relations? Christension said, “as an author, blogger, publicist, I have to write every day, even days I do not want to write, I still have to continue to write.” This last question I asked her was very important to me because it truly answered my question what is the big importance of writing to you? Christension said, major key is content, finding content and being savvy throughout your career, somedays you will not have any fuel but you have to constantly keep the ball rolling.

In the public relations industry I learned being a social media manager over your social media channels it’s important to learn how to multitask, keep writing when you can’t even think of any content, and try to stay savvy in your work. This industry is forever evolving and only the best last. Do not be the one left behind.



It’s not Marketing it’s PR Strategy

#ConnectingWithCompetitors Social Media Strategy

Are you on Twitter or Instagram?

If not you need to hurry up and create an account, especially if you are a public relations major. You will be surprise on different strategies that celebrities, restaurants, businesses, and companies use to stay relevant.

Maybe a week ago, @shaderoominc posted a picture regarding the beef between Kanye, Wiz Khalifa, and Amber Rose.

The shaderoominc is a blogging site that keeps up with the latest trends, latest gossip, latest news, you name it they display it on their page.

Link here:    https://www.instagram.com/theshaderoominc/


Below are restaurants who engaged in the twitter beef between the celebrities

Link here: https://twitter.com/jimmyjohns


As you can see above all of these franchises are totally different from one another. The only two that have the most similarities is subway and jimmy john’s. Although these places are different, they all found away in creating a twitter beef as if they had a real problem with one another. The interesting part about it, many commentators were not use to restaurants having an open voice to the public on a broad topic that had nothing to do with their brand.


That is where the light bulb comes on! It had everything to do with their brand. Take hamburger helper for an example, this brand is not really a hot topic anymore. Growing up it was a boxed food to us that would love at dinner time. With all these duplicates of hamburger helper, it for sure lowered their profits over the year. When hamburger helper made this initial tweet, brought a lot of attention to it’s brand. Their twitter account even got a huge following after this.


I am not sure if there is a social media strategy yet, so I will make a name for it. #ConnectingWithCompetitors publicly makes your brand stand out tremendously. This strategy made all of the above fast food restaurants become relevant even if it was a simple memory about times we have eaten hamburger helper. That thought may have lead some followers go to Walmart and actually purchase it. This strategy had nothing to do with promoting hamburger helper, but connecting with others to publicize their brand by using a topic that has nothing to do with their brand. CAN YOU SAY GENIUS? I think so!

Even Linked In suggested it:

Link here:  http://www.powerformula.net/4106/connecting-with-your-competitors-on-linkedin-good-idea/


A Fresh Start!

fresh start

Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well. It has been months since I posted anything on my blog due to the fact, I needed time alone and growing to do. I can officially say I am BACK! It is time for a fresh new start for my life journey. Over the past several months of not posting or engaging in my audience I have been working on my life. Isolating myself from individuals who I invested energy into and really working on my overall wellness to better pursuit myself.

A lot of opportunities have been coming my way lately and doors have been opening up for a new journey. Lately I have been partaking in meditation, spiritual growth, and getting career oriented. I will be posting some of the latest projects I have been engaging in. I would like feed back from everyone. Tell me how you are doing, etc. The time is now to mark your destiny. The world is yours, and don’t forget it.

When It Was March

rachel eats


We live three floors above a Bar. A Bar in the Italian sense of the word, so a place with a bar at which you stand to drink coffee, or juice, or a fluorescent aperitivo. It is also a Latteria, so a place you can buy latte, milk. I tend not to drink coffee or buy milk at this Bar, which also has a disco ball. I won’t hear a word said against the place though, as the owner Franco, who leans up against the door or paces up and down the pavement in front, is very much part of our everyday life. He is friendly and weary, and I forgive him and his neglected coffee machine because I know he would rather be doing what he does after rolling down the metal blinds. I know because he tells me about his other life most days, I have…

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