Sharp Thinks for the Women

Deviasha Sharp

Hello my beautiful women.!!! Well guys are welcome too but this blog is for my powerful, inspiring to be wonderful women. I, myself have always wanted to express my feelings about love, growing as a woman, loving myself, self-esteem, loving the skin I’m in all of the above. But whoever talks about it? Then Dr. Brown, made us create a blog page, which at first I had NOOOO idea what i wanted it to be about. But, i knew what i was passionate about. That thing were women. I love being a woman and all the things life has taught me. Devi has been through alot and I feel this will be a venting place for me and help ladies across the nation to KEEP MOVING FORWARD with life when it knocks you completely down.

If there are men watching, i want my men to take key points in understanding how it feels to be a woman. How you can be there better for your woman. Some things you can avoid in the future or some tips you can add to your love life. I haven’t had the best experience with love but, I have a big clue on how I feel it should be.

This blog is to motivate my beautiful women, here to answer questions for various of situations in life just not relationships. This blog is also to keep my women pushing and going to the next level in life. Being a woman is hard but its the best thing to be.   – Here’s a blog you should follow as well to get great tips on becoming a better woman


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