Getting Your Glowing Days Back!

At some point in our life, even multiple times of our life we as women lose our glow, our spark. I’m here to tell you you can have it back!

With the big personality that I have. It takes a lot to take away my glow and spark. I remember a time losing my glow, I experienced a bad break up. The break up took control of my way of thinking and the way I felt about myself. I wondered why I felt so down, no longer took time to do things for myself. At this point, I was beginning to put others before myself and tried to please others. I lost myself in loved ones and false friends. I was in a very dark place, and didn’t realize I had fallen off the road. Then, one day I finally left my bad relationship. I took control of my way of thinking. I started to surround myself around others who invested in me as much as I invested in them. I started to get back on a healthy diet, working out more, and reading. I suggest to anyone dealing with these issues to do the same.

Eat healthier!

Go to the gym and workout!

Surround yourself with positive people!

All of these ideas may seem cliche’ but they’re very helpful. It is so easy to lose yourself within other individuals and if you do not know your worth, you can lose sight of who you are. What Sharp say? Take back control of your life and get your glow back! How? Here are some tips on becoming happier and getting your life back to glowing. Click on the link below.


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