Do you love the skin you’re in?

Hello All!

Do you love the skin you’re in? They say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. One may find it true and some may not feel it so true.

Most important thing is to love yourself first. I had a problem of caring of what people thought about me and not always being comfortable in my skin. This created low self-esteem issues for myself, and always viewing other individuals opinions. When you realize that it never matters what people think, one can live a better and more care-free life. There are women who really don’t think they are beautiful , because society do not think they are or acknowledge their beauty. It is a woman’s duty to acknowledge her own beauty. This task can be fairly hard depending on life experiences a particular person has been through. I am here to tell you, I have experienced some challenges in life that made me not feel as beautiful or wanted.

No matter what size or color you are, all women are beautiful. This all starts with the mind, meditation, self-development, healthy living, and creating a positive mind set. Over the past few years one of my biggest challenges was my weight and gaining 40 pounds within four months out of no where! This was tragedy for me, and I went straight to depression. This was very abnormal and I felt very unwanted. I soon realized, I have the keys to my life. Whether big or small I still was beautiful and filled with greatness of life. I started to read self-motivating books and watching/listening to videos to enhance my self-development skills. I feel better than ever now, you can easily do the same by following these very tips.

Watch this very inspiring video below : Your Not Alone, Learn to Meet Yourself, Build Your Self-Esteem


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