No Fly Zone for Abuse Here!!!

That’s right ladies! No Abuse here.

If your experiencing abuse, STOP RIGHT NOW and contact someone can help you! And run for your life!

Sounds easy to do right? Well, it’s not. I have had my fair share of days of abuse, whether it is was physical, mental, social abuse. Abuse is a wear and tear on the mind and body completely. The stories are very true, the woman will always take up for the man in this situation , just to protect him. The woman will always try to stay to see if the man will change and like most cases she never leaves until it is too late. Why does this happen?

1) Scared of what the man will do

2) Caring for the man unconditionally

3) Afraid to lose her children, fearing he will harm the children

4) Waiting for her boyfriend, or husband to change

5) Not feeling you deserve anything better

There are many , many reasons why women do not leave their significant other when it comes to abuse. Trust me, I was one for two years. No, he wasn’t always like that, well it took time for him to reveal that side to me. Most abusive men tend to start off completely opposite, very loving, caring, and giving. Gradually it built to a very abusive relationship, to the point I did not know who I was and felt I didn’t deserve anything better. I was very emotionally unstable, wrapped in lies and a false future with this guy. What did I do? Start to realize I owed myself a better life and cutting the ties of a bad love affair. This took time and courage to do.

Some Signs you need to watch for:

1) The guy buying very expensive gifts as for attachment

2) Very controlling (wanting to know your every movement, no privacy)

3)Very Insecure men (unstable men)

4) He tends to be overbearing at times (very high temper)

5) Has a history of bad relationships because of himself

These are just a few, it is very important to get away from abusive relationships a.s.a.p. before you really get hurt. Go visit a counselor, talk to a best friend, talk to a mentor. Just Get Out!

Listen to these ladies stories.


One thought on “No Fly Zone for Abuse Here!!!

  1. It’s great to see that other bloggers outside of the class are liking your post. You offer great tips here that will help young women. Nice job being transparent and sharing your personal story.


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