How about you give me some of you?

Hello All,

I come to you today to say it is time for you to put yourself first.

Have you ever been that individual who always felt as if you put others first?

Well, this was me most definitely and quite frankly it was heart breaking. Some of us women are very insecure about things in our life to make us feel as if we have to give someone we care about everything. Why? That makes us feel secure that we are giving someone our all and that maybe that will make that individual stay around. To give you a realistic answer, no one , no man or woman will stay around if they do not want to.

We fight so hard for individuals to make them stay around and the reality is people will be people. It took quite some time for me to figure this out with men I dated. I gave them everything, all of me, even parts of me I regret. From cooking, cleaning, support, bending my back over for a man. Who would turn around and not appreciate none of it. I would find myself in a situation-ship that needed to end due to the fact I created a relationship that was never a relationship in the first place. I treated ever man as my husband and not just like a regular boyfriend. Ladies, this is not the right thing to go about a relationship your trying to build.

See a man respects a fight, a challenge, no man respects easy. Remember that!

I have not always been on point for corrective action, because I was so busy trying to please the guy I’m with for love. You really have to lay everything out in your mind and see if your situation is Fifty, Fifty or Eighty , Twenty. If you do not have standards to gain the respect and love you want then you will receive Eighty, Twenty. The reasoning behind this you created a ground for this to happen. Let them come to you and fight for you for a chance. I will indicate don’t be a bitter woman behind your insecurities of being cheated on or done wrong it happens to the best of us. It is our duty to move on from individuals who tear away from us rather tan build us up.

It is very important to make the person you date earn everything you have to offer. If you don’t, you will lose yourself along the way. I challenge you to make this change, stand up and be great. Let him take you out on dates, or to the movies, whatever your dream evening maybe. Nowadays it’s hard to find chivalry and if you do find you have to make sure it is honest chivalry as well. I will leave that subject for a future blog! Cut out the chill nights, incorporate some outdoor nights and make it a requirement. If he doesn’t choose to do so, the right one will. Be patient! Be a woman , be fulfilling to be a great woman. Start off respecting yourself and do not be afraid to be alone. A lot times women can’t be alone because we need that security. Just try it and see how strong you are.

Look on your past relationships and see what you can do differently.  Keep Moving Forward and shine bright and beautiful!

#SEFW #KeepMovingForward #Self-Love


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