Jumping is the Key to Success

Being a publicist requires taking risks


This post will express my aspirant career goals and what it means to go after your goals. This post is quite unique to me because, as I gathered my thoughts I realized my growth within myself and how much closer I am getting to my goals. You will find paraphrased definitions of success and how I personally feel about the field I am looking to work in.

Approaching my last year of college is quite amazing and bitter sweet. Over the course of these past few years, I have grown into the woman I admire. One can say at one point I really had no format on my destination as far as my career and aspirations. One can also say I may have thought I had the formula on how to be successful, in which I was very wrong.

See life will teach, nothing in this world is hand given. You have to work for every dollar, every achievement, every acknowledgement and so forth. Being the young adults that we are in college we do not realize the key to being successful and the choices you have to make.

For me, I have realized my field of study which is public relations requires hard work and motivation within myself. My field requires risk taking, long hours, creativity, and discipline. Some of those things I did not acquire, until I realized my purpose and what it will take to fully accomplish what I want.

11 signs you work in public relations

By Lauren Fernandez | Posted: April 25, 2011   Check out PR Daily:


I chose public relations because this major is very flexible and intuitive. This major enhances my writing skills, and branding skills. I looking to work in the entertainment industry as a publicist. I am fascinated with entertainment and the fast pace of learning new things daily. Working in the entertainment industry is very competitive and can create some challenges within yourself if you are not strong.

7 Skills PR Leaders Need to Succeed in the Coming Years: Do You Have What It Takes?

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In order to grow you have to place yourself in uncomfortable situations to become even stronger. Life is full of lessons, you have to be willing to jump and let fear be behind you.

Watch Steve Harvey talk about in order to be successful you have to jump:




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